Website terms and Seller Code of Conduct

All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on Seller offenses and prohibited content can result in suspension of your account.

Seller Code of Conduct

This policy requires that sellers act fairly and honestly on to ensure a safe buying and selling experience. All sellers must:

  • Issue VAT receipts and list prices including VAT where applicable
  • Provide accurate information to and our customers at all times
  • Act fairly and not misuse our features or services
  • Not attempt to damage or abuse another Seller, their listings or ratings
  • Not attempt to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews
  • Not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications
  • Not contact customers except through Buyer-Seller Messaging
  • Not attempt to circumvent the sales process
  • Not operate more than one selling account without a legitimate business need

Violating the Code of Conduct or any other policies may result in actions against your account, such as cancellation of listings, suspension and removal of selling privileges. More details about these policies are below.

Accurate Information

You must provide accurate information to and our customers, and update the information if it changes. For example, this means that you must use a business name that accurately identifies your business and list your products in the correct category.

Acting Fairly

You must act fairly and lawfully and may not misuse any service provided by Examples of unfair activities include:

  • Providing misleading or inappropriate information to or our customers, such as by creating multiple detail pages for the same product or posting offensive product images
  • Manipulating sales rank (such as by accepting fake orders or orders that you have paid for) or making claims about sales rank in product titles or descriptions
  • Attempting to increase the price of a product after an order is confirmed
  • Artificially inflating web traffic (using bots or paying for clicks, for example)
  • Attempting to damage another Seller, their listings or ratings
  • Allowing other people to act on your behalf in a way that violates’s policies.

Ratings, Feedback, and Reviews

You may not attempt to influence or inflate customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews. You may request feedback and reviews from your own customers in a neutral manner, but may not:

  • Pay for or offer an incentive (such as coupons or free products) in exchange for providing or removing feedback or reviews
  • Ask customers to write only positive reviews or ask them to remove or change a review
  • Solicit reviews only from customers who had a positive experience
  • Review your own products or a competitors’ products


You may not send unsolicited or inappropriate messages. 

Customer Information

If you receive customer information such as addresses or phone numbers to fulfill orders, you may use that information only to fulfill orders and must delete it after the order has been processed. You may not use customer information to contact customers (except for delivery reasons) or share it with any third-party.

Circumventing the Sales Process

You may not attempt to circumvent the sales process or divert customers to another website. This means that you may not provide links or messages that prompt users to visit any external website or complete a transaction elsewhere.

Multiple Selling Accounts on

You may only maintain one Seller Central account in which you sell unless you have a legitimate business need to open a second account and all of your accounts are in good standing. If any of your accounts are not in good standing, we may deactivate all of your selling accounts until all accounts are in good standing.

Category, product, and listing restrictions

To maintain a safe and trustworthy shopping experience, certain products cannot be listed or sold on or may be subject to additional requirements because they have legal or regulatory restrictions (for example, illegal drugs) or violate other policies (for example, crime scene photos). Please review these pages in detail to understand what policies or approval requirements may apply to your products before listing them for sale.

Product Detail Page Rules

Customers will first learn about your offers on a product detail page. The policies below ensure each product detail page covers a single unique item. This helps give customers a clear and consistent buying experience. In general you will need to:

  • Comply with any relevant style guides and refrain from using HTML, JavaScript, or other code.
  • Exclude inappropriate content such as obscene or offensive materials, links or contact information, plot spoilers, reviews or requests for reviews, and advertising.
  • Accurately categorize and describe your products.
  • Refrain from creating duplicate pages for a product that already has a detail page.
  • Create new detail pages for new products or versions.
  • Only create valid “variations” that relate to the primary product.
  • Use professional and high quality imagery.
  • Update stock quantity regularly to ensure customers do not order a product which is not available.
  • Add content which is grammatically correct.

Delivery of Orders

Once an order has been placed, you are to contact the customer to arrange a date and time for delivery. Delivery must take place within 3 days however if you are facing large volumes of orders, delays will be inevitable. All we ask is that you inform your customer and ask to reschedule. Understandably customised craft items and handmade products might take longer to be delivered depending if the items are in stock.

For your safety and theirs, please reduce contact with customers by placing packages at the customer’s doorstep and stepping back. 

There is a free minimum delivery of €25.00. If the customer’s final bill comes to less than €25.00, they will have to pay a flat rate of €5.00 to cover your delivery expenses. Delivery is available for all locations in Malta.

Customer Service

We truly believe in top notch customer service. We heavily rely on you to ensure that yours & our customers are happy from beginning to end. When contacting your customer or carrying out a delivery, please be sure to be polite at all times.

Payments receives payments for all store items and the seller cannot try to circumvent this process. The commission is calculated once an order is marked as completed. 

Payments to sellers are calculated by subtracting commissions from sales. Payments are issued at the end of the month upon a manual request from the seller. keeps the right to block any sales withdrawals which are still within the 14 days cooling down period.

Returns & Refunds

Returns during the 14 day cooling-off period must be processed through for a full refund. This is where the buyer, following a purchase, may choose to cancel a purchase, and return goods which have been supplied, for any reason, and obtain a full refund.

Once the cooling-off period has expired, each seller’s returns policies may vary and any communication between the buyer and seller must be done directly and not through Please specify your returns & refund policy on your vendor account.

Account Deactivation

A registered vendor account can be deactivated upon request at any point at no extra charge. Once the account is no longer published, all listed products will be hidden or deleted as requested. Any pending balance is settled at the end of the month.

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